My name is Amy and I'm a FANGIRL.


The Fangirl Files traces my hilarious, sometimes a little insane, and occasionally expensive escapades that I've pursued with the pure intention of celebrating the famous objects of my obsession. You'll also discover tips gleaned from my years on the fandom frontlines to help achieve your very own Fangirl dreams.

Sneak peek? You got it!

Are you a fan or a Fangirl?

A fan may watch a TV show, buy an album, or go to a concert. A Fangirl will throw a themed party for a season finale, bake a cake to celebrate a beloved rock star’s birthday or fly to another country to see a concert by their favorite band. Being a Fangirl takes imagination, dedication, passion, nerve and, most of all, love for whatever makes your heart sing – be it a handsome movie star, dreamy pop idol or cute boy on TV. 

You're a FANGIRL if...


You celebrated idols’ birthdays by having cake and/or preparing their favorite meal as if they were coming over to celebrate.


You waited outside a tour bus in below-freezing temperatures or stood against a fence in the middle of the night or been in a General Admission line before the crack of dawn not once, but many times.


You had your pre-teen bedroom wallpapered with a plaid pattern so your pictures of rock stars could be lined up easily along a straight line.


You called the hospital every single day when your teen idol was injured, and your dedication got you grounded when your mother saw the phone bill.


You commissioned a custom-made item as a wedding present for your favorite band member and his new bride and carried it to multiple concerts until you found the right bodyguard to deliver it for you.


You got a tattoo of a song lyric by your favorite band written in a band member’s handwriting, which you got from a photo on the Internet.


You scheduled your entire college semester and summer internship around a concert tour.


You made a gingerbread likeness of your TV Boyfriend and tweeted him a photo of it.